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Game Digimon World 3 | ps1

Download Game ps1 Digimon World 3 -

Digimon (デジモン Dejimon?) Which is an abbreviation of Digital Monsters (デジタル モンスター Dejitaru Monsutā) is a media franchise from Japan for children made in the form of anime, manga, video games, card games, toys, luggage accessories, and other media. Created by a mysterious figure who was never known to the public, including his role in the creation of Digimon named Akiyoshi Hongo. Digimon is a kind of living being an artificial intelligence program that is composed of a collection of digital data. They have a wide range of types with a variety of shapes and have attack moves and the ability of evolution to a higher level (digimon can evolve back to its original shape). They live in the digital world, a parallel world that is created from a net system of human communication and information technology. Digimon known for his rivalry with a lot of Pokemon, other Japanese media franchise. Digimon and Pokemon have a similar concept of the living creatures (monsters) are unique to the type, form and stance attacks vary and evolve to become stronger and friendship or a partner relationship between humans and Digimon / Pokemon. In fact both have similar names, which means that Digimon Digital "Monster" and the Pokemon Pocket "Monster". Both appeared at almost the same time, the first Pokemon and Digimon followed by, so the success of Pokemon is one of the success factors Digimon. Both have great success, even though Digimon has never enjoyed success equal to or more than Pokemon. The debates between fans Digimon and Pokemon fans long enough. Digimon was first released by Bandai company on June 26, 1997. Because of its success, a second generation Digimon was released in December of that year and was followed by the third generation in 1998. For game consoles, Digimon first appeared on the Sega Saturn console.

 Name Game   : Digimon World 3

Tipe Game      : Adventure

File Size          : 415 MB 

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