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Adventures of Little Ralph | Emulator PS1

Hello Guys....pecinta game emulaor ps 1. ane punya game baru nich yang bisa dimainkan saat liburan dirumah. The Adventures of Little Ralph is a 2D platformer that really brings on the old school flavor. Any fan of, say, the 16-bit Disney titles or Donkey Kong Country will have a lot to enjoy here. While there is no backtracking, the amount of exploration involved (and swordplay) reminded me more than once of a Castlevania. 

The game starts with the heroic Ralph facing down a hoard of invading demons. While he fights most off easily, a group of much badder dudes show up and turn Ralph into a kid: thus, Little Ralph. It's at this point that a woman (I'm not sure how she relates to Ralph exactly) protects Ralph, but she is also overpowered. Rather than finish Ralph off, they capture the woman and take off. So, naturally, Little Ralph is off on his big adventure.

Name Game    : Adventures of Little Ralph

Tipe Game      : Adventure

File Size          : 55 MB

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