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Game Conflict Desert Strom

Download Game PC Conflict strom - WAR. The game begins shortly after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. During an attempt to destroy one of the bridges crossing the Iraq-Kuwait border into Tierra Piedra, sniper Paul Foley were arrested, while the other team members were killed. The next morning, John Bradley, a rifleman, was sent in alone to rescue Foley and complete the original mission of destroying the bridge. Shortly after landing, Bradley comes into a firefight with a small force of infantry mechanical. Shortly after rescuing Foley, Bradley completed a mission to destroy the bridge, thus slowing down the progress of Iraq. From there, the team conducted a variety of missions, such as saving the Emir of Kuwait, Iraqi forces engaged in the Battle of Khafji, destroying Iraqi SCUD missile systems, rescuing prisoners of war from Baghdad, and leading an advance element of U.S. cavalry in a fight with Tawalkana Division of the Iraqi Republican Guard. Also the player guards a scientist on a mission to cripple its nuclear and ICBM later infiltrates an old Crusader castle to find the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Army, General Aziz and kill him to end the war. The game ended with the Emir thanked the UN coalition to beat back the invaders of Iraq and liberate Kuwait, towards the end with Bradley and his team were praised by a military officer for excellent performances battlefield, and it is playing out for Rest and Relaxation.

System Requirements :

OS : Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / 7
Processor : Pentium 4 atau Lebih
Memory : 128 MB
Hard Drive : 930 MB
Video Memory : 32 MB Graphic Card
DirectX 8.0

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